ARI Networks, finding a new General Manager

ARI Networks, finding a new General Manager for their International Office in Leiden, The Netherlands.


For US companies the step towards the European markets is a tough one. Unlike the US, the European Union is still a maze of individual county legislation and tax rulings, but moreover, a complex labour market with nation specific contracts and labor related laws. Not mentioning the different business cultures and very different work attitudes across the EU. How, as a SME company, can you objectively and wisely choose between the different locations.


Our Client is a Software Company, helping outdoor equipment producers (as their website tells us) Sell more Stuff!   ARI is a medium sized business but growing succesfully across the United States, serving larger producers in outdoor equipment brands; boats, motorcycles, garden equipment and other cool stuff. They wanted to grow their International business but found it difficult to do that from the US, to do their international sales, but also adapt their software tot heir international client’s specifics and manage the team in the Netehrlands remotely from their Headoffices in Milwaukee, Minnesota.


KNPNT found ARI networks a competent General manager with a background in International Business development with a large hard- and software manfacturer, based in the Netherlands, but from British origin. We found that this person was closest to the culture of the company and could bridge to gap tot he European markets.  The whole proces, untill signing the contract, took us less then a month, so right on track.