Cross border Recruitment

Our modern world is becoming seemingly smaller by the day. Globalization has created a market that is increasingly dynamic and competitive, including the search for talent. Connected by modern technology and transport links, cultures continue to overlap and people are working together in a market that is more global than ever before.

The battle for talent has become truly global with companies increasing diversity in their workforce by hiring specialist talent from all over the world. This trend is further fuelled by skill shortages resulting in the need to look across borders to find the right people. Companies wanting to be successful in the long-run will need to access a greater pool of candidates in order to create a strong workforce and gain a competitive edge.

The global talent pool offers companies more opportunities for attracting and hiring the right people. KNPNT is selecting employees for international placements know the importance of not just hiring people quick and efficient but also hiring only the best fitting talent. The international recruitment process can be a complex task that requires a significant investment in time and resources due to logistical difficulties. Flying in the wrong candidates for an interview at the office is a costly mistake, and hiring the wrong candidate even more so. At the same time top candidates demand a accessible and fast process which means employers need to be able to provide a candidate friendly and efficient process. International recruiters using online video interviews are able to pre-screen candidates around the world in a time and cost effective way, get a better picture of the candidate earlier in the process and enhance their quality-of-hire.