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KNPNT, Food Industry Specialists

The traditional food industry is pivoting towards a more plant-based and sustainable product offering responding to the corresponding consumer demand.

There is a shift in new product development and production of new and sustainable food types that are more plant-based.

Simultaneously new production processes are focused on more efficient use of resources and a better flow in the production chain from sourcing to distribution. Consequently, Supply Chain processes are developing and enabled with a more fluent data integration whilst the highest quality standards must be upheld.

The Netherlands food industry is traditionally a worldwide operating hub in food production, export, and trade with renowned food educational network and is also a frontrunner in sustainable food production and worldwide distribution. To enter and develop these markets with new offerings it is essential to have the best Sales & Marketing professionals, also to keep momentum in fast International development.

KNPNT offers “on par” and specialized sustainable food-related industry knowledge in Food Technology, Supply Chain, Business- and Quality management connected to available professionals or timely consultancy in their relevant markets and vocational area to help its Clients better execute their strategy.