Knooppunt performs Succesfull International Search under name CEE Search Consultants

Knooppunt has been selected as a pertner for Elsevier Science BV in Amsterdam, an international publisher of a.o complex Data bases to enhance academic research. Knooppunt operates under the International name; CEE Search Consultants. Frans Hoekman, Director of the Search & selection firm has worked more than 15 years Internationally, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, hence the logical name of CEE Search Consultants. We are now mainly working for one Client because of the work involved and operational issues concerning the assignments. We interview all candidates personally, and that means we travel frequently to remote regions like Central Asia, Russia and the Middle East. We have just completed a succesfull Search in Amman, Jordan, which meant not only that our search is complex, but that we also have to take into account the local differences and cultural aspects. The consultants involved are not only experienced recruiters, but have a background in the region as well. Hoekman for instance was born in the Kingdom of Bahrain where his aprents lived for over 20 years.